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Dalalee Premium 

  • Free

    Get your free listing on Dalalee
    Free Plan
    • Sales Agents Connections: Agents Represent if Interested
    • Virtual Profile: Self Managed Online Company Group
  • Virtual Trade Show

    ₹42,000 + GST
    Valid for one year
    • Sales Agents Matchmaking: 10+ Interviews Monthly
    • Virtual Profile: Expertly Managed Online Company Group
    • Buyers and Leads: 10+ Introductions / Connections Monthly
    • Magazine Advertisement: Full-Page AD in Digital Publications
    • Events: Table at Offline Events / Showcase at Virtual Events
    • Dalalee Concierge: 24/7/365 WhatsApp Support Group

You can also make payment for a Dalalee membership through a bank transfer. Our bank details are as follows:

Account Number: 918020091690962
Branch Name: Fort Branch, Mumbai
IFSC: UTIB0000004
  • How does the process of connecting with Sales Agents work?
    Sales Agents will establish a connection with you if they express interest in your products and services and wish to represent your company.
  • What is the management process for our Virtual Profile?
    Once your virtual profile is established, we will designate you as the administrator of your group. This enables you to keep it updated with the latest information and company details as needed.
  • How does the Sales Agents matchmaking process operate?
    We identify and connect you with the most appropriate Sales Agents for your company. Each month, we arrange a minimum of 10 interviews to enable you to assess and onboard Sales Agents to represent your company nationwide in India. Following the onboarding of Sales Agents, you will be required to enter into a contract with them and provide commission incentives for the business they bring.
  • What does the management of our Virtual Profile entail?
    Our dedicated team keeps your Virtual Profile and Group on Dalalee up to date with your latest developments, images, and marketing materials. Your virtual profile is crucial, as it is shared with potential Sales Agents and Buyers.
  • How does the Buyer introduction process work?
    We compile a list of 100 potential Buyer leads for you each month and introduce you to them via email. You simply need to confirm your introduction template and provide any images or PDFs we send out on your behalf.
  • What are the details of the magazine advertisement?
    You'll receive a full-page Ad in our monthly digital magazine, distributed in PDF format to industry professionals. Your Ad will remain in the magazine for the duration of your active membership.
  • What opportunities do I have for showcasing my products and services?
    You'll be granted a table to exhibit your offerings at all Dalalee physical events. Additionally, you'll have the chance to showcase your products virtually and conduct company demos during our virtual events and webinars.
  • How does the Dalalee Concierge support group work?
    We create a WhatsApp group that includes Dalalee team members and your team members, ensuring seamless communication and constant updates on your company's latest offerings. Your Dalalee membership starts immediately upon account activation and remains valid for one year.
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