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Michele and Hoven

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In Michele & Hoven we create timeless collections that tell the stories of our values: Fairness, transparency, respect and responsibility.

Michele & Hoven was born from the persistence of its designer Michele, who could not find a warm, comfortable and soft enough sweater for the European winters. Being born in Peru she remembered the wonderful Alpaca fibre, as soft as a feather and extra warm. That’s how in 2008 Michele & Hoven was born. Our collections are committed to timeless fashion, focusing on sustainability, premium quality and hand-knitted production processes. Designed in Europe, we understand fashion in a different way, knitting our garments from natural fibres like Alpaca wool, that combine sustainability, warmth and softness. In Michele & Hoven we try to make the process of production as transparent as possible; from respecting the animals and using certified dyes to ensuring a fair wage and producing only what we sell within the limits of our capacity.

The result is knitted pieces made with a lot of care and love by our team, who have inherited the thousand-year-old hand-knitting tradition and keep learning how to apply this knowledge to our designs. The result is ethical, feminine and unique pieces.

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      In Michele & Hoven we create timeless collections that tell ...

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