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Leena Bansal

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    Having 15 years of entrepreneurial experience, Leena is a Fashion Startup growth strategist, Collaborator, Advisor and Investor. She loves to promote Brand loyalty and brings clarity on their sales and profits. She is an expert in International liaisons and cross border dialogue, bridging cultural gaps across domestic and global markets.

    An extremely dynamic character with an ability to network with people from all walks of life, she is deeply passionate for sustainability, innovation, technology, ethics and humanity.

    After completing Masters in fashion drafting from NIFT India in 1993 ,She worked for different Industroes for 15 long years. She took up multiple projects including Brand and Management from “Milano Fashion Institute” Italy , Guest faculty in “Swiss Mode” PHD4 Fashion research program to bring practical aspect of drafting.

    Her Services :

    strategic partnership solution

    Assistance on developing strategic roadmap, partnerships & collaboration

    Guidance on understanding and determining on Marketing operations

    Consultation and Advisory support

    Assistance on Multi Brand stores and Ecommerce acquiring and retention and growth.

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    Having 15 years of entrepreneurial experience, Leena is a Fa...

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