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House of Piadeeksh

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    Our thesis began within the vibrant ambiance of our Bangalore home. In 2010, Pia, the elder sibling, initiated a boutique venture, driven by a lifelong passion for fashion. Alongside her, Deeksh, the younger sibling, absorbed the craft, eventually graduating from NIFT and specializing in pattern cutting at Central Saint Martins, London.

    Together, our family and the boutique embarked on a transformative journey, shifting toward custom-made Indian couture and ready-to-wear. The creators, united by their seamless collaboration and shared passion, birthed the label "PhD" in 2019, symbolizing their dedication to sophistication, curiosity, and innovation.

    At PhD, our essence is the fusion of two distinct personalities, their unique styles, life experiences, and unwavering attention to detail. We thrive on unconventional thinking rooted in timeless traditions, crafting garments that blend the best of tradition and innovation, all while infusing a futuristic touch through innovative silhouettes and artistic embellishments. Our goal is to create exquisitely romantic luxury wear with a touch of fun.

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      Our thesis began within the vibrant ambiance of our Bangalor...

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