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Chandrani Pearls

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Founded on January 24th, 1985, in Kolkata's Minto Park area by Mr. Kuldip Nayar, his wife Mrs. Lakshmi Nayar, and his late father Mr. N.C. Nayar, Chandrani Pearls quickly rose to prominence through innovative marketing, fair pricing, purity, integrity, and unique designs. With 58 showrooms across India, it became a household name, reshaping the perception of pearls in an unexplored market dominated by gold and diamonds. Chandrani Pearls' gradual journey to recognition and appreciation required educating the public about the beauty and value of pearls, solidifying its reputation for honesty and quality. Now synonymous with pearls, it has elevated pearl jewelry to the status once reserved for gold and diamonds in a nation known as a "Gold sink." The company's remarkable growth is a testament to its success. Here is the management team driving this achievement.

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    Chandrani Pearls was started on the 24th. January 1985 by Mr...

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